Welcome to www.glutenfreeonline.gr.  We are a new company which was created to meet the needs of people suffering from celiac disease .

Having been involved for long with people who suffer from celiac disease and sharing daily concerns we decided to move forward in creating this online store and the first shop in Greece only for people intolerant to gluten , so we can offer you products from various well-known brands .

Our aim is to offer you products that are necessary - safe - recognizable and at the best price.  At our beginning we offer to you products in various categories such as flour and flour mixes , breads and pastries , sweet and savory snacks , cereals , pasta , etc.

Knowing insecurity and uncertainty in the market with the release of products of uncertain origin and motivation , in the field of food trade , people who do not know how to handle gluten- free products , we are committed to the existence of certificates accompany all our products and for good practice in handling them . So be sure that the products you buy from us are certified gluten-free and haven’t suffered contamination at any stage from production to final consumption .

Finally , we inform you that in addition to gluten-free , many of our products are free from various allergens (lactose , dairy in general , soy , egg , nuts fruits etc. ) . Also several of our products are organic and free from genetically modified organisms (GMO's). You can use the appropriate filters to instantly search the products that meet your nutritional needs .

Navigate freely on our site , and feel the safety and superior taste of our products in every choice .