Gluten free Flour Mix Unsweetened with milk 900gr

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Gluten free Flour Mix Unsweetened with milk 900gr

Gluten free Flour Mix Unsweetened with milk 900gr

Pantry staple flour that makes everything from bread to pizza dough.

Gluten-free flour with milk is a useful basic flour that replaces ordinary wheat flour. It gives you an excellent bread and additionally makes wonderful sweet rolls and soft cake. In addition, the mixture does not contain sugar. Milk gives the bread a richer taste and additionally makes the crust thin and gives it a golden hue after baking. The mixture is enriched with vitamin B and iron.

Where can I use the flour?

In addition to making bread and cakes, you can make pancakes, oatmeal, sauces, pie crusts, breadcrumbs, pizza and more. This flour is used simply, like regular wheat flour, but you will need to adjust the recipe so that you always use the correct amount of flour mixture.

Components: Wheat starch (max. 2 mg gluten/100 g or 20ppm), skimmed milk powder, oligofructose, thickener: guar gum, vitamins and iron.



ανά 100g


350kcal /1500 kJ


3 g


83 g

(εκ των οποίων σάκχαρα)

5 g


<0,5 g

(εκ των οποίων κορεσμένα)

<0,5 g

Φυτικές ίνες

3 g


<0,001 g

Περιεκτικότητα σε αλάτι

<0,001 g

Θειαμίνη (βιταμίνη Β1)

0,6 mg

Ριβοφλαβίνη (βιταμίνη Β2)

0,2 mg


6,4 mg

Βιταμίνη Β6

0,6 mg


5,5 mg