To « go » in Greece ! 

All deliveries are made with partner companies courier, daily 9-17:00 at your choice easily and reliably.

The delivery time depends on the availability of products and choose the courier company you choose. Once you order , we process your order and inform you of the exact delivery time in your area . We have the right to choose the shipping method for orders that you do not pay any shipping fee.

For those who want to stop by the store and pick it up, we can accept you upon request

Order Confirmation 

Each order will be accompanied by a confirmation e-mail.

Order Cancellation 

If you need to cancel your order should be made within 8 hours from initial order through e-mail and we will proceed with the cancellation only if it is not executed.

Pickup order

The receipt of the order made by the recipient to police identity.

receipt from the store 

In case you want to pick up the products from the store, you should first contact us at the contact numbers.